Friday, April 13, 2012

FO friday and days 10-13 AKA.... a picture-tastic post

So my FO is actually from last Friday but I didn't get a chance to post it. So I designed this chickee to go with my little bunny. EJ is in love with them but she won't be able to play with them for about 3 years or so because of the safety eyes. :D
 Day 10: A Crafty Gift
So my husband gave me these for Christmas two years ago and I wear them constantly. They are actually getting worn out. The lady that makes them hand sews and beads them all. I love them so much :D

Day 11: Something Forgotten
I bought these fabrics a few months ago to make needle cases out of. I completely forgot about it I've been so busy. I love the patterns on them, especially the blue sheep :D

Day 12: Home
 So it was too nasty outside to get a picture of my actual 'home' so I thought of this sign a friend made me. She got the board from her shed and put the sticker on herself and then clear coated it. We've had it for a while and I love the saying 'Home where your story begins'. Very true.

Day 13: Snacks while Crafting
Well this snack can't be eaten while crafting. But taking a break during a difficult pattern or a long stretch of stockinette/garter stitch. They are home made cinnamon buns. So yummy :D

So we had friends over for supper last night and woke up to 2 surprises. I forgot how many dishes there were when I woke up. This is with a load in the dishwasher already. But boy was it delicious!
 And to make things even better. Winter decided to come back again. Just before I took this picture it was storming :( My greenhouse just looks sad in the snow.
Of course none of this bothered EJ :D
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Days 3-9... AKA I'm really sorry guys

So I know I'm supposed to be running the MOCP 2 but I have to apologize because the last week has been very crazy. I'm really sorry to all. So better late then never.

Day 3: Something New
My newest WIP, it's going to be a sweater for ME. This is the first time since starting knitting roughly 12 years ago that I've made something this big for myself. I'm very excited. I also bought more expensive yarn that I ever have. It's a Peruvian Cotton blend, very soft.

Day 4: Inspiration
My inspiration lately is the fact it might be Spring soon here. I know it looks like Spring in this picture but we've been known to get snow all the way to the end of May. But it still makes me want to make lighter weight knits.

Day 5: Craft Envy
I bought this sweater for my niece at the local Farmer's Market. It has a hood but its been cut off in the picture. I talked to her for a while and she said it takes her about 3 days from beginning the sweater to sewing in the zipper. That is crazy in my mind. I wish I could knit that fast and it actually turn out nice.

Day 6: Your Feet
I know my feet aren't in the picture. But I just wanted to show just how small my feet are. These are my rubber boots next to my husband's. His are adults and mine are a kids size. Plus you're not really a farmer until you own a pair of these :D

Day 7: Traditional
 There's nothing more traditional than charting out some color work on a pad of graph paper with colored pencils. Definitely looks cool when the chart is all done too.

Day 8: Most Challenging FO
This was the hardest but most rewarding FO I've completed to date. I've never made a sock with a turned heal. And also the most charted colorwork I've done. I absolutely loved it!

Day 9: Shadow
I was in the craft room this morning and noticed the crazy shadows my pencil crayon containers make on the desk. They almost look like hands with way too many fingers.
And a bonus EJ picture which fits today's theme. I absolutely love the way the shadow falls on her face. So cute :D
So I'll hopefully be able to keep up with the prompts for this week from here on.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Month of Craft Photos 2 or Here We Go Again....

So it's that time again. We are doing another MOCP. This time I'm taking over for Andi @ Untangling Knots. She was nice enough though to make the graphic for me. If you would like to participate head over to the Flickr Group and share you photos.
 So here's the start of my MOCP 2;
Day 1: Current WIP
 So within that mess of a project bag is a little bunny I was crocheting. He turned out really cute and is picture below.
Day 2: Favorite Drink
 The drink depends on my mood but it almost always comes out of this amazing machine. I've had my tassimo for almost two years now and its amazing.
 And of course you need your EJ fix lol. Here's her cuddling with Dad on the couch again. I think its her's and Dads favorite spot
And as I mentioned before here's the little Bunny. He's adorable and my first finished Amigrumi. I'm pretty proud of him.
Pattern: Bunny Boo @ RoxyCraft
Yarn: White Cotton from Bernat (I think, the band is missing of course)

Friday, March 30, 2012

FO Friday or Finally and FO!

So I finally have a FO! Yay! I just finished weaving in the ends last night, well actually this morning, at about 12:30. EJ was not feeling up to sleeping last night. Sorry this picture is a little blurry. But it still looks cute and will be perfect over her Easter dress.

 Pattern: Confection Baby Shrug from the Shizknit
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots DK(No color Name attached) 50 g
I love this pattern, I have to make a bigger one for when she grows out of this but I'll wait until I get some other projects done. The only problem I have with this yard is how hard it is to weave the ends in. But I finally figured out that the slubs are attached to a white thread that is easy to cut out of the end. This was half way through weaving them in though.

And yesterday I was absolutely surprised to find a parcel card in my mail box. And this is what was waiting for me at the post office. I had entered a giveaway at Crafts from the Cwtch. I was so excited to open it that I couldn't even wait 'til I got home. So I went to my Grandma's and opened it up.
 After taking off the blue packaging to find this. The most adorable owl wrapping paper. I didn't want to tear it even.
And the inside was even more exciting. A hand sewn project bag from the cutest fabric. A 7 mini skein set of hand dyed sock yarn from The Knitting Goddess. A set of DPN's for the pattern. And a free copy of the BeeKeepers Quilt. I'm so excited to start working on this pattern. I will post pictures as soon as I do.
 On a funny note: I was telling Grandma that the package came from the UK. She was looking at the yarn. And I said, "Yeah see it's 10 pounds". She put the yarn in her hand and moved it up and down thinking. "There's no way this weighs 10 pounds" and I had to not laugh at her because she didn't even get what she had said. So I told her "No Grandma as in it cost 10 pounds they don't use dollars there." She immediately went red and then laughed at herself. At least she can still laugh at herself in moments like this.

And for your EJ picture (even though there's two of them at the top of the post). This is EJ hanging out with my brother and chewing on an orange. I tried to get the faces she was making as this was her first experience with an orange slice but my phone camera wasn't so great.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday... or Is It Spring Yet?

Well its Wednesday again. There's still many projects on the go. But there's progress which is always good. One sweater just needs the ends wove in which is turning into a nightmare because the yarn has little slubs on it. They don't seem to wanna cooperate. But there's progress on the other sweater too. I have completed the first row of the lace pattern. Just have to finish the lace and engineer the strap to button up the top. There's directions for it but it'll be my first time doing a button this way. I haven't even touch the hats this week so no progress there. It's this weather that's making me not wanna work on the hats. Last week we got two huge dumps of snow. And now this week it's been about 10 degrees above zero celsius but its still not melting much. But it still doesn't feel like hat weather :D
 Something else around here has been making progress. This is going to be my very own chicken house. I'm so excited. I've wanted some chickens since we moved out here about 4 years ago. We finally have the time (no pregnancy or wedding to plan) and the energy to do it. I'm still trying to decide how many I want. I'm just looking forward to being able to have farm fresh eggs every day :D
 And I thought I would post my other painting as many people like the one last Friday. This is the one I like the best. It was alot of work. I think it was 5 1/2 hours or something. But definitely worth it :D
 I'm not sure if I shared this picture yet or not. I love it! I don't have a new EJ picture because she's currently sleeping. She got a needle yesterday and has been in a terrible mood ever since. I'm hoping she wakes up today in a better mood. I feel so bad for her, she's very achy from it. But they said it will pass :(
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Friday, March 23, 2012

FO Friday.... well sort of....

So I do have a FO but its not one of the 5 WIP's I have.... I went to an oil painting course a friend was doing last night. This is what I came home with after about 3 1/2 hours. It's still wet that's why its sighting on a garbage bag. This is the second one I took and there's parts of my painting I really love (the waves and my reflection of the moon) and parts I'm not so sure about (the shore line and the buildings). This is done in the Bob Ross style. If you've never seen him paint I recommend youtubing it. It's pretty amazing watching him do it. My friend is pretty amazing herself, I forgot to take a picture of hers which is what ours is supposed to look like and mine doesn't at all.
 On the knitting/crochet front I have one sleeve almost done one the second sweater of EJ's. I'm going on a road trip this weekend so hopefully I'll come home with at least a few FO's.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday or Chaos on Needles

So another week is back to Wednesday which can mean only one thing. Time to show off the WIP. Only problem with that is there's more than one. In fact in this picture alone there is 5! I know its horrible. I was just telling someone last week that I was having a problem starting anything new because of other things going on and then right after that I did this. Two of them are hats that all they need are little tassles put on top. There's two sweaters for EJ for spring time and a hat I started for myself and have half done. Hopefully I'll have a few finished items to show you on FO Friday.
 I took this picture the other night of the icicles hanging down on our deck. I love the way our yard light makes them look. And another closer shot below

 And of course my post wouldn't be complete without an EJ picture. Here she is watching a movie with Daddy. I know that sounds horrible because she's so young but they were both out about 15 minutes after this was taken :D I didn't get a chance to get a picture of that though. So cute, she always has her soother in sideways now. I had to limit the soother time now, she's becoming way too dependant on it. So she only gets it when going to sleep now, but she's also started sucking her thumb. I'm hoping she's going to grow out of it. I was told I had mine 'til I was four and they had to pretend to lose it.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slight Road Trip

So we took a little road trip a few hours from us, I got a little crocheting done but didn't get any pictures of that. People commenting on here made me realize I should write a little bit about where I live. We are roughly 300 km/185 miles (roughly) North of the 55th Parallel which is the line for the arctic circle. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town and on a farm. We do get daylight 365 days a year and we do have two season at least; winter and farming :D

So here is the cool way we got to travel on our road trip. It's hard to tell what it is but that is an ice road. Nothing like whats in Ice Road Truckers if you've ever seen it. This is across a small river and makes the trip to where we went about an hour shorter. It's tough enough for trucks hauling logs and grain to go across.

This is us just about to pull onto the road.
 This is a view of the river as we are going across
 Coming to the other side, its hard to tell what's on the bank but its the ferry you take across in the Summer
 Another better, closer shot of the ferry. It's very cool.
 And true to our rustic roots this is what the Subway looked like up there. It's not an actual log cabin but it's meant to look like one. This is what we might do to our house this Summer :D
 And to show you just how small our town is. This is a shot of part of our Hockey Rink supporting our local boys. There's about 4 times this many people in the arena and it's most of the town. We are very supportive of our local sports talent.
And not sure why this picture ended up at the end of this post but this is us pulling up to the ice road. It shows you just how neat it is.
I really love where I live and am very proud of our small community. Hope this sheds some light on where I live.

I will have some knitting/crocheting pictures up soon.........


I forgot to tell you all, I won an amazing prize on another blog. I won a blogiversary prize from Crafts from the Cwtch, I'm very excited for it to come in and while blog about it when it does :D

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Friday Somewhere

It's been a little while since I had a chance to post. And not allot to show for it either. I finally got the zipper sewn into one of the zip up the back hoodies. They even look cute hanging in the closet and they look even better on the cute baby. So this is just to show it off. It was the first time I've sewn the zipper in from start to finish by myself and also the first time I've used my new sewing machine that I've had for like two years :D
 Here's our latest visitor to our farm. He's been keeping the mouse population in control. He's just little. We researched him and he's a Northern Hawk Owl, not supposed to be in our region this time of year. But he doesn't seem to mind.
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