Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So back after a long hiatus on this blog.... I hope that all of you readers are having a good holiday season no matter which holiday you celebrate. I have been very busy with EJ and knitting of course. Not to mention much baking for our local farmer's markets in this holiday season. It's me third favourite thing in the world after my family and knitting :D So here's some of the knitting I've accomplished in the last little bit.
Two new meret's, the top one is actually a bright pink but the lighting wasn't that great, that one went to my friend Rhonda and the other to another named Rachel

These cute little toques are Kate Oates' Cheery Scrap Cap and the top one went to my friend Chantelle while the little ones are waiting for little heads to fill them
I've got lots done thanks to dark nights that don't allow you to do much else. Other than cuddle with my husband and EJ as seen here

And just so you can see just how much EJ has grown here she is enjoying her little bouncer. She absolutely loves it :D
I still have the two charity blankets if anyone is interested in working on them just comment to me or check me out on Ravelry: heather17jp