Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lessons I've Recently Learnt

So little EJ is teaching me some great lessons in the last two weeks. She's taught me some Mommy, Knitting and Life lessons so I thought I would share them with you.

Mommy Lessons
#1 you never leave the house as early as you want with a newborn, plan for it
#2 Invest in a calendar that has those rip off sheets for each day, its easier to forget the date when you're not working
#3 Watch your newborn very carefully in walmart, strangers will come up to you and want to look at your baby and talk to you
#4 You can never pack everything with you, the one thing you forget will be the one thing you need
#5 Maternity clothes are ok after you give birth too, especially when you still can't fit anything else yet
#6 There's no sense getting upset when your baby won't sleep, they feed off of your stress, you will eventually make the sleep back even if it's not for another 18 years
#7 You never finish being a Mommy and a child will never not need her Mommy, I'm 23 and still need my Mommy lots :)

Knitting Lessons
#1 Knitting for your baby is very addictive
Just the one rule but so very true.

Life Lessons
#1 When you're in a hurry to go somewhere you will either run low on gas, get behind a very slow driver or leave way later than you plan
     #1 a) or all of the above
#2 Celebrate the small things, when you can fit into normal clothes again after giving birth its amazing but not as amazing as when your baby's cord falls off (if I was a little stronger stomached I might have kept it)
#3 Remember you are not perfect and nothing will ever go 100% to plan, but that's ok sometimes those off times are the best times

And now for your viewing pleasure, here's EJ chilling out after her lunch


Gotta love the small quiet moments with her <3

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