Monday, April 9, 2012

Days 3-9... AKA I'm really sorry guys

So I know I'm supposed to be running the MOCP 2 but I have to apologize because the last week has been very crazy. I'm really sorry to all. So better late then never.

Day 3: Something New
My newest WIP, it's going to be a sweater for ME. This is the first time since starting knitting roughly 12 years ago that I've made something this big for myself. I'm very excited. I also bought more expensive yarn that I ever have. It's a Peruvian Cotton blend, very soft.

Day 4: Inspiration
My inspiration lately is the fact it might be Spring soon here. I know it looks like Spring in this picture but we've been known to get snow all the way to the end of May. But it still makes me want to make lighter weight knits.

Day 5: Craft Envy
I bought this sweater for my niece at the local Farmer's Market. It has a hood but its been cut off in the picture. I talked to her for a while and she said it takes her about 3 days from beginning the sweater to sewing in the zipper. That is crazy in my mind. I wish I could knit that fast and it actually turn out nice.

Day 6: Your Feet
I know my feet aren't in the picture. But I just wanted to show just how small my feet are. These are my rubber boots next to my husband's. His are adults and mine are a kids size. Plus you're not really a farmer until you own a pair of these :D

Day 7: Traditional
 There's nothing more traditional than charting out some color work on a pad of graph paper with colored pencils. Definitely looks cool when the chart is all done too.

Day 8: Most Challenging FO
This was the hardest but most rewarding FO I've completed to date. I've never made a sock with a turned heal. And also the most charted colorwork I've done. I absolutely loved it!

Day 9: Shadow
I was in the craft room this morning and noticed the crazy shadows my pencil crayon containers make on the desk. They almost look like hands with way too many fingers.
And a bonus EJ picture which fits today's theme. I absolutely love the way the shadow falls on her face. So cute :D
So I'll hopefully be able to keep up with the prompts for this week from here on.

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