Friday, April 13, 2012

FO friday and days 10-13 AKA.... a picture-tastic post

So my FO is actually from last Friday but I didn't get a chance to post it. So I designed this chickee to go with my little bunny. EJ is in love with them but she won't be able to play with them for about 3 years or so because of the safety eyes. :D
 Day 10: A Crafty Gift
So my husband gave me these for Christmas two years ago and I wear them constantly. They are actually getting worn out. The lady that makes them hand sews and beads them all. I love them so much :D

Day 11: Something Forgotten
I bought these fabrics a few months ago to make needle cases out of. I completely forgot about it I've been so busy. I love the patterns on them, especially the blue sheep :D

Day 12: Home
 So it was too nasty outside to get a picture of my actual 'home' so I thought of this sign a friend made me. She got the board from her shed and put the sticker on herself and then clear coated it. We've had it for a while and I love the saying 'Home where your story begins'. Very true.

Day 13: Snacks while Crafting
Well this snack can't be eaten while crafting. But taking a break during a difficult pattern or a long stretch of stockinette/garter stitch. They are home made cinnamon buns. So yummy :D

So we had friends over for supper last night and woke up to 2 surprises. I forgot how many dishes there were when I woke up. This is with a load in the dishwasher already. But boy was it delicious!
 And to make things even better. Winter decided to come back again. Just before I took this picture it was storming :( My greenhouse just looks sad in the snow.
Of course none of this bothered EJ :D
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  1. Love your photos---mmm, homemade cinnamon buns (but boooo for dishes and snow. I hope spring comes your way soon).

    And your chick and bunny are adorable. I especially like the bunny's ears.

  2. whoo hoo, just found you through Crafts from the Cwtch, following now :-)