Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 1-9 of the Craft Photos

So at the beginning of the month I decided to taking Untangling Knots challenge to do 30 days of craft photos for my blog so here goes days 1 to 9 sorry I should be doing this every day but it's been a little hectic so some of these I just took.

Day 1-you in action
Here I am knitting on what will be EJ's zipper up the back hoodie, they're super cute and convenient when you have little ones.

Day 2-Craft Tools
Here's my rainbow of pencil crayons in the craft room. I used to do allot of drawing and am hoping with the re-organization of the craft room I can get back to it. Before this they were tucked away in a box in the bottom of another box.

Day 3-An old FO
There's actually two in this picture, I made EJ's toque and the blanket she's got on top of her. She loved her sleigh ride even if it doesn't look it in this picture :D

Day 4-Inspiration Outdoors
My inspiration has always been my family so here they are outdoors :D I love this picture it didn't look like this at all when I took it. There's a really pretty sun dog in it and the spot by DH's head is actually smoke from some buildings we knocked in and were burning. Gotta love those pictures that just turn out with no effort :D

Day 5-Notions
This is my box filled with random buttons. It's hard to tell but the ones in the little baggy will be part of a sweater that's coming soon hopefully.

Day 6-Color
This is a box full of zippers that I got from this amazing store on Etsy called Zipit and they are so colorful. I use these for the baby sweaters I knit for people. I just love looking into this box and seeing all the bright colors, its pretty inspiring.

Day 7-Materials
This is yarn that I got from Gina Brown's in Calgary when we went on a road trip there. I love both of them. The red is a little more muted then it looks, its going to become a sweater with those buttons I mentioned earlier. The pinky-purple stuff will become something for EJ. If you get a chance to stop at Gina Brown's I swear you'll be in there for hours, its an amazing yarn store.

Day 8-Challenging
This is my challenge at the moment. The front box is FO and the back one is WIP that just need the ends woven in or buttons added or things like that. Everything in the back must move forward and find a home. I have to admit I have a bit of startitis lately.

Day 9-Your Hands
Here's my hands resting on EJ's hoodie. AS you can tell I chew my nails, I know its horrible. But there they are, not much else to say :D

Now just gotta get these up on the flickr group
Hope you all enjoyed it ;)

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :) It's great to know that new people are stopping by! This month of craft photos has been a blast so far.

    Happy Knitting!