Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wow, I'm really behind.... AKA days 11-18

Wow, I've really gotten behind on the MOCP. So here's days 11-18 except day 17 wouldn't upload on Blogger for some reason but it is on Flickr, figure that one out. :D
Day 11: WIP
This is a stocking for a friends children. She wants four for next Christmas all in different colors and non-traditional Christmas colors. It's going good this time, I tried to make them once on the size of needles the pattern calls for and it took me to about this point before I realized that it wasn't working out. This time I really like it :D
Day 12: Crafty Gift
I bought myself this awesome wheel when I was on my honeymoon. I really need to get back to learning how to use it ;)
Day 13: Inspiration Indoors
I know I used this already with another day but my inspiration is absolutely my family, especially EJ. Not just in knitting but in life in general. She makes the long nights worth it. Especially little moments like this.
Day 14: Where you Craft
This is my favourite spot to knit. It's so nice when its cold out to sit beside that wood stove cranking out the heat and just go to town on a project.
Day 15: A New Skill
As I've mentioned before I've recently taught myself to crochet. I really love it but the only project I've finished is this blanket for EJ that I've shown before so I took a different shot of it.
Day 16: Texture
I love the texture you get when you look at the wrong side of an intarsia project. So cool.
Day 17: Last FO Used
Unfortunately this picture wouldn't upload but it's a cheery scrappy cap that I made for someone else but it didn't fit them. Probably for the best as the pom pom doesn't really sit right.
Day 18:  Craft Books
My craft books live with all my other books. I really like this unfocused picture. The white binder is absolutely full of patterns I've gotten online :D

Hope this gives you some to look at and thanks to all of those either commenting on here or flickr and to my lone follower :D Thanks!

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  1. Amazingly, I've been keeping up. :) It's been a fun month & I'm wondering what I'm going to do next month to keep my camera active! Crochet will be my next yarn adventure. The colors in that blanket of yours are so cheerful!