Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So normally at this time of the year people are posting what all they've finished this year. Well unfortunately I've had a horrible case of startitis this year and haven't finished a dang thing. So here's a couple things I've started....
Crochetting, yes you read that right, I taught myself to crochet on a long road trip and started this car seat blanket for EJ, it even has a hole for the buckle. It's from the crochet stitch n' bitch book.
I also started making EJ a zip up the back hoodie, and my Grandma started one after me, guess which one she wears now. So sad that mine's not done but she looks adorable in the one from Grandma, for some reason I can't find a single picture of her wearing it though. hmmm..... anyways here's where the one I started is at
It has like 21 rows left on the body then onto the sleeves and the finishing up. I swear I'll get it done soon....

I also started rearranging and reorganizing the craft room/spare bedroom/junk room. Here's what it looks like now
Believe it or not this is better than it was a few weeks ago. Notice the lovely pile of containers waiting to be filled. I got all of those for less then $40.00 CAD at my local discount store on sale. I love when you can save money on things like this. If you can't see it there's a pile of knitting supplies in the corner, just a small portion of all of my stuff. Here's a closer look.
Definitely need to organize that as I'm going to start knitting more after these two projects are done. I still have a few items people have pre ordered for next Christmas to finish so I'm not strapped for time when it comes closer. But something else that came of this clean out was this.
My spinning wheel that has not been touched since before I got pregnant :( really must order some new fibre and start learning to spin again. I had to throw out my old stuff because the box wasn't 100% sealed and a mouse got into it :( had to throw it all away. I actually cried when I did it :( Anyone know of any good fibre to learn to spin on?

Thought I'd share some new EJ pictures as well
This is four out of the five generations of my family, the only one missing would be my dad. So that's my Grandma standing and my Great-Grandma holding EJ
And here's EJ with her hungry face on. She's started doing this to let you know she's hungry but I haven't yet been able to catch that on camera.
And here's todays dose of EJ trying to roll over, she's getting pretty good at it and I bet in no time she'll be crawling. She's just over 5 months old now :D

I hope you enjoyed it and as always drop me a comment if you want :D

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