Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slight Road Trip

So we took a little road trip a few hours from us, I got a little crocheting done but didn't get any pictures of that. People commenting on here made me realize I should write a little bit about where I live. We are roughly 300 km/185 miles (roughly) North of the 55th Parallel which is the line for the arctic circle. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town and on a farm. We do get daylight 365 days a year and we do have two season at least; winter and farming :D

So here is the cool way we got to travel on our road trip. It's hard to tell what it is but that is an ice road. Nothing like whats in Ice Road Truckers if you've ever seen it. This is across a small river and makes the trip to where we went about an hour shorter. It's tough enough for trucks hauling logs and grain to go across.

This is us just about to pull onto the road.
 This is a view of the river as we are going across
 Coming to the other side, its hard to tell what's on the bank but its the ferry you take across in the Summer
 Another better, closer shot of the ferry. It's very cool.
 And true to our rustic roots this is what the Subway looked like up there. It's not an actual log cabin but it's meant to look like one. This is what we might do to our house this Summer :D
 And to show you just how small our town is. This is a shot of part of our Hockey Rink supporting our local boys. There's about 4 times this many people in the arena and it's most of the town. We are very supportive of our local sports talent.
And not sure why this picture ended up at the end of this post but this is us pulling up to the ice road. It shows you just how neat it is.
I really love where I live and am very proud of our small community. Hope this sheds some light on where I live.

I will have some knitting/crocheting pictures up soon.........


I forgot to tell you all, I won an amazing prize on another blog. I won a blogiversary prize from Crafts from the Cwtch, I'm very excited for it to come in and while blog about it when it does :D

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