Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday or Chaos on Needles

So another week is back to Wednesday which can mean only one thing. Time to show off the WIP. Only problem with that is there's more than one. In fact in this picture alone there is 5! I know its horrible. I was just telling someone last week that I was having a problem starting anything new because of other things going on and then right after that I did this. Two of them are hats that all they need are little tassles put on top. There's two sweaters for EJ for spring time and a hat I started for myself and have half done. Hopefully I'll have a few finished items to show you on FO Friday.
 I took this picture the other night of the icicles hanging down on our deck. I love the way our yard light makes them look. And another closer shot below

 And of course my post wouldn't be complete without an EJ picture. Here she is watching a movie with Daddy. I know that sounds horrible because she's so young but they were both out about 15 minutes after this was taken :D I didn't get a chance to get a picture of that though. So cute, she always has her soother in sideways now. I had to limit the soother time now, she's becoming way too dependant on it. So she only gets it when going to sleep now, but she's also started sucking her thumb. I'm hoping she's going to grow out of it. I was told I had mine 'til I was four and they had to pretend to lose it.
 So enough of my ranting about soothers lol. Check out the other WIP Wednesdays over at Tami's Amis


  1. Ahhh, I remember times like these. When my daughters were that small they also absolutely loved it to lie with daddy. The youngest still won't to go sleep without some back scratching from beloved Dad :-D

    Enjoy it, it is over soooooo quickly.


  2. many projects are a many splendid thing...enjoy

  3. Ice ...argh, such a nasty word. I really really dislike winter and am thrilled I think I can say, it's finally left us. Fingers crossed. Pick up the item that's closest to finish and concentrate on it for a period of time, then do a set number of rows on each of the other items...before you know'll have something done and will have made progress on all the others.