Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday... or Is It Spring Yet?

Well its Wednesday again. There's still many projects on the go. But there's progress which is always good. One sweater just needs the ends wove in which is turning into a nightmare because the yarn has little slubs on it. They don't seem to wanna cooperate. But there's progress on the other sweater too. I have completed the first row of the lace pattern. Just have to finish the lace and engineer the strap to button up the top. There's directions for it but it'll be my first time doing a button this way. I haven't even touch the hats this week so no progress there. It's this weather that's making me not wanna work on the hats. Last week we got two huge dumps of snow. And now this week it's been about 10 degrees above zero celsius but its still not melting much. But it still doesn't feel like hat weather :D
 Something else around here has been making progress. This is going to be my very own chicken house. I'm so excited. I've wanted some chickens since we moved out here about 4 years ago. We finally have the time (no pregnancy or wedding to plan) and the energy to do it. I'm still trying to decide how many I want. I'm just looking forward to being able to have farm fresh eggs every day :D
 And I thought I would post my other painting as many people like the one last Friday. This is the one I like the best. It was alot of work. I think it was 5 1/2 hours or something. But definitely worth it :D
 I'm not sure if I shared this picture yet or not. I love it! I don't have a new EJ picture because she's currently sleeping. She got a needle yesterday and has been in a terrible mood ever since. I'm hoping she wakes up today in a better mood. I feel so bad for her, she's very achy from it. But they said it will pass :(
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  1. It's so hard when they have to have their jabs, they get very grumpy. I love your picture and your colourful knitting, perhaps you will be more in the mood for it during the next week.

  2. Love the chicken house and the painting is fabulous.
    Wow, we have been having summer like weather here for the last week, it is hard to imagine somewhere else it only recently snowed!

  3. I empathize with you on the weaving in of ends... definitely the worst part of a project, at least, as far as I'm concerned. I love the picture of your little one! That's really adorable!

  4. Love the painting!! 5 1/2 hours for any kind of finished object is pretty good, I think! =)

  5. I don't eat enough eggs that putting up with chickens would even be a consideration. Lots of luck and don't let them attack you. Love the pretty blue on the needles. Did you have to get permission to have chickens? They make an awful mess and can be an issue (smell wise) for your neighbors.