Thursday, March 1, 2012

Days 24-29 and bonus....

So here's the end of the MOCP pics, but not necessarily the end of MOCP. We are hoping to keep it going with the flickr group having the prompts. Check back often to see when it starts back up :D So here's the photos for days 24-29 plus the bonus day.

Day 24: Close up
 Here's a close up of a neutral zipper on the bright background of my blocking mat. I love the texture on the blocking mat.

Day 25: When you craft
 Like many other SAHMs I craft when the baby is asleep or when my husband is home in the evening to take care of her. Especially right now as she's getting very busy and is going to be crawling soon.

Day 26: Organization
 I bought a new shelving unit to fit all of my yarn in. So excited to put all of my yarn in.

Day 27: Wrong side
 This is the wrong side of the gusset of my stocking. I love the look of it. Especially when you pull the next color over.

Day 28: Simplicity
 I love the simplicity of the patterns variegated yarns when it's even a single crochet. Plus the simplicity of a simple crocheted circle.

Day 29: Latest FO
 So here's stocking 1 of 4 done and ready for the lining to be sewn in after blocking of course. I think it turned out pretty good for my largest interasia project to date. I'm going to make EJ one of these after Rae's are done.

Day 30 (bonus): My crafting companion
 My crafting companion isn't alive but he's always there lately. This is a little table that my Grandpa built for me for Christmas. It's supposed to be for your remotes and what not. But the remote pocket on the back is full of crochet hooks and DPNs. And that mess in the bottom is a mix of knitting patterns, yarn catalogues, the ipad and EJ's storybooks.

 Here is the current WIP, it's arms for a monster amigurumi. I'm taking Stacey Trock's Design Your Own Monster course on Craftsy. It's awesome and I'm so excited to finish this monster for EJ

And here's an EJ picture for you all. It's my new favourite picture, she finally discovered the mirror at the bottom of her frying pan. So cute.

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